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From 2008 to 2014 Prostate Cancer Testing Treatment Down

TUESDAY May 22 2018 Fewer men are being screened for diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer according to a study published online May 21 in Cancer.James T. Kearns M.D. from the University of Washington School of Medicine in...

Annual Report to the Nation

NIHNational Cancer Institute Overall cancer death rates continue to decline in men women and children in the United States in all major racial and ethnic groups. Overall cancer incidence or rates of new cancers decreased in men and were stable in women fro...

French Twist ADT for Prostate Cancer on Active Surveillance

Administering androgen deprivation therapy ADT to men with lowrisk prostate cancer improves some shortterm outcomes. But is it still active surveillance And do otherwise healthy men need treatment Medscape Medical News

Task Force Changes Stance on Value of PSA Test

The US Preventive Services Task Force has concluded that there is a small mortality benefit associated with prostatespecific antigenbased prostate cancer screening for men aged 55 to 69 years a departure from earlier guidance.