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Researchers to trial prostate cancer saliva test

An international team of researchers led by scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research London are planning to trial a novel salivabased DNA test designed to predict men at risk of developing prostate cancer.

New radiation therapy technique aims to preserve sexual function

UT Southwestern Medical Center A multicenter clinical trial being led by UT Southwestern physicians is testing a technique for sparing nerve bundles and arteries involved in sexual function to preserve potency in patients getting radiation therapy for pros...

Public offering nets $16.7mm for Trovagene

Trovagene Inc. precision oncology therapeutics netted $16.7mm through its latest public offering. The company sold 9.14mm common shares at $1 netting $8.5mm and 8860 Series B preferred shares at $1k net $8.2mm. Investors also received fiveyear warrants to ...

New DNA Test May Predict Prostate Cancer Risk

MONDAY June 11 2018 A new genetic test can identify men most likely to develop prostate cancer a new report contends.According to the new study the scientists identified 63 new genetic variants associated with increased risk of prostate...

Genetic markers for prostate cancer

Scientists found telltale genetic markers that can be used to predict those most at risk of prostate cancer a disease common for older men.

Prostate cancer DNA test identifies men with sixfold increased risk

Institute of Cancer Research A major new study of more than 140000 men has identified 63 new genetic variations in the DNA code that increase the risk of prostate cancer.Researchers devised a new test combining these single letter genetic variants with mor...