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Your weight loss efforts are contagious

When you shed excess weight, you're not the only one who benefits. Your partner will be motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle, too, a new study finds.

What is collagenous colitis?

Collagenous colitis is a type of IBD where a thick band of collagen develops under the lining of the colon. Learn about the treatment, including diet.

Why you feel tired all the time

Have you ever felt extremely tired and been unable to pinpoint the reason? We have put together the most common explanations for tiredness and fatigue.

Could vitamin D supplements treat IBS?

A review of existing research indicates that vitamin D supplements could help to ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, such as abdominal pain.

What are the best foods to fight aging?

What are some of the best foods for a healthful diet that will help you live a long and happy life? Read on to learn which dietary staples to keep in mind.

How do you prevent sweating after eating?

Gustatory sweating is a condition that causes sweating when someone eats, talks, or thinks about food. We look at the causes and treatment options.

How does fiber prevent weight gain?

A new study takes a fresh look at the relationship between dietary fiber, obesity, inflammation, and gut bacteria. A potential mechanism is unearthed.