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Asparagus pee: What causes the smell?

A few stems of asparagus can leave a lasting impression on some. Find out what causes asparagus pee, and why some are under its spell while others aren't.

Keto diet and its health benefits

A keto diet is one that prioritizes fats and proteins over carbohydrates. It can help reduce body weight, acne, and the risk of cancer.

Seven home remedies for shortness of breath

What causes shortness of breath and how can this problem be treated at home?Also learn about lifestyle changes that may help manage shortness of breath.

Eight health benefits of gelatin

Gelatin may not be the first food you think of when considering healthful foods. However, it contains surprising nutritional benefits. Discover more.

Empty calories: What you need to know

Nutritionists and medical experts recommend avoiding or limiting the amount of 'empty calorie' foods in a diet, but what are empty calories?

Benefits of aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera has long been revered for it's health benefits, but what can it do for hair? In this article, learn about how to use aloe vera for healthy hair.

Ginger for arthritis pain: Will it work?

A popular home remedy for treating arthritis pain is taking ginger, but how well does this really work? We look at the science, and how to take it safely.

Belly fat protein may cause cancer

A new study in mice explains why excess fat may lead to cancer, suggesting that a protein found in belly fat transforms cells into cancerous cells.

'Good' cholesterol might actually be bad

A large new study in the general population has found a link between excessive mortality and high levels of the so-called good cholesterol.