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How to boost your brain

Are you looking for ways to improve your mind and boost brain power in 2018? Look no further; we have compiled the best brain enhancing methods to try.

The sleep diet: Could this work?

A new study concludes that getting extra sleep might help you lose weight. Could this be the easiest diet ever? We look at the research and pray it's true.

Mercury poisoning: Symptoms and treatment

Learn about the signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning in children and adults. Mercury is highly toxic, so it is crucial to know when to see a doctor.

What to know about ginger for diarrhea

A look at ginger for diarrhea, a remedy that has been used for a long time. Included is detail on how much ginger is too much, as how much to eat a day.

Does green tea help weight loss?

Green tea has been associated with a range of health benefits, including weight loss, due to its rich nutritional and antioxidant make-up. Does it work?

New drug could 'shrink' harmful fat cells

Researchers reveal how blocking an enzyme called NNMT 'shrunk' harmful white fat cells and led to weight loss in mice fed a high-fat diet.

Is Aloe vera juice good for IBS?

In this article, learn about whether Aloe vera juice can be used to reduce the symptoms of IBS, as well as if it causes adverse side effects.

Vegetarian and vegan sources of B-12

Vegetarians and vegans must take particular care to consume enough vitamin B-12, as it is mainly found in meat, eggs, and dairy. Learn what foods to eat.

What are the best diets for 2018?

U.S. News & World Report's annual rundown of the best diets is here. From Weight Watchers to the Mediterranean diet, which plan is best for your needs?

Can apple cider vinegar cure a headache?

Headaches are a common complaint for many people. There are many natural remedies available, including apple cider vinegar. Does it work?

What is hyperphosphatemia?

Learn all about hyperphosphatemia, when levels of phosphate in the blood are too high. We examine the symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

What to eat for hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar that can cause headaches, weakness, and anxiety. What foods should a person with hypoglycemia eat to reduce symptoms?

Why we choose the donut over the apple

Researchers explain the mechanisms behind food choice and reveal why we tend to reach for the donut when we know the apple is the more healthful option.