Showcasing Cutting-Edge Research on Natural Products

NCCIH’s natural products portfolio represents roughly half of our overall extramural funding, so we’re fortunate to be able to host events featuring exciting research in the arena.

Allergy Relief for Your Child

Do you have a sneezing, stuffy-nosed child? He or she may have allergies. Learn more about proven treatments for children.

Tips from NCCIH’s Office of Scientific Review for Responding to the New Clinical Trial Funding Announcements

By now you’ve probably heard that NCCIH has a new series of funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) for investigator-initiated clinical trials. These FOAs will allow you to provide more relevant information regarding your planned trial through the use of special attachments. The review panels will use the information in the attachments to assess important aspects of your study such as rigor, feasibility, and the potential impact of your proposed trial.

5 Tips for a Healthy Vacation

As you plan your next beach vacation, make sure your trip is a healthy one. Consider these five tips on sun safety, medications, contact lenses, tattoos, and eating well.